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20 Mar 2018

Ziggetty Snipits

We understand that each child is different and that the way they react to certain situations is different as well; particularly if your child has special needs.

21 Dec 2017

Ziggetty Snipits

Looking after your little one is a no-brainer: you want the best for them and don’t want to compromise on quality, whatever it is.

19 Oct 2017

Ziggetty Snipits

These are the 5 reasons you need to know about why your child should attend one of our specialist kid’s hair salons for their haircut and/or head lice removal.

15 Jun 2017

Ziggetty Snipits

Do you realise the effect that hair care products which contain chemicals have on your hair?

3 Apr 2017

Ziggetty Snipits

Ziggetty Snipits is here to help you Host A Birthday Party Like No Other for your "little" girl.

21 Mar 2017

Ziggetty Snipits

Recently the Sydney Morning Herald published an article stating that “Pyrethroid insecticides linked to abnormal behaviour in children, study shows” and the effects that testing has shown in relation...

9 Mar 2017

Now you can get your ears pierced when attending one of our Ziggetty Snipits, Nitpro kids specialist hair salons.

14 Feb 2017

Ziggetty Snipits

We are now open at Gregory Hills!