We have outlined below common questions people ask. If you have a question that is not covered below, please feel free to complete the contact form (at the bottom of this page) or contact your local salon.


When attending one of our salons for your appointment, you can be assured that your child will have a fun and relaxing experience.


Salon Services


What can I expect when attending a Ziggetty Snipits salon?

Your child/ren will be welcomed by a team of professionals to make your child feel special and comfortable whilst getting their haircut and/or treament (or any other service). It is bright and colourful, therefore engaging for children, as well as providing fun themed chairs for the child to sit in for their haircut - making them feel special!

Is the Nitpro treatment only available for children?
No, we also provide treatment for adults. Saying that, even though the treatment is located within the Ziggetty Snipits children's hair salon - it is segregated from the hair salon in its own treatment environment at the rear of the salon.


Is the Nitpro treatment effective?

Yes, and we offer a 100% head lice free guarantee for our salon treatments, when you use our two step treatment plan.


What is the Nitpro head lice guarantee?

Due to our perfected method, we guarantee that after 2 in salon treatments, spaced 7-9 days apart, you or your child will leave the salon without any live head lice.


As head lice are highly contagious, Nitpro does not guarantee head lice will not return. Nitpro aims to help you prevent the likelihood of re-infestation through education and understanding of head lice, and does recommend the treatment of the home environment and using good practice preventative method and products. Click here to read our guarantee.


To find out more about Nitpro specific FAQs, click here.


Need to know something that isn't outlined above? Contact one of our friendly team members and they'll be able to any answer any question you may have.

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