Ziggetty Snipits Franchises

Ziggetty Snipits, and Nitpro, are part of a franchise network of hair salons specially designed for children.


Each franchise (salon), follows the same business model so that the service and experience are exceptional.


Our brand is well established and as such, has a strong support system and provides a solid platform to ensure we are equipped with the right resources, infrastructure and processes to help you launch your own business!


We are looking to expand our reputable franchise of salons, which combine the Ziggetty Snipits and Nitpro brands, for children's haircuts and styling, children's glama parties, as well as head lice treatment.


We will work with you every step of the way. We are 100% committed to the success of your business and look forward to assisting you in establishing a strategic launch plan as you begin your journey with us.


If you'd like to find out more information on how you can own and run your own franchise business, do not hesitate to contact us today! We'll be more than happy to discuss the business model with you, as well as providing you with a copy of our franchise kit.


Still want to know more?


Many businesses are selling franchises to line their own pocket and once you sign the bottom line, they send you on your way with a 'blue sky' promise that your business will be as successful as theirs.

Instead, we want you to succeed as a Ziggetty Snipits and Nitpro salon. To ensure this - we support you all the way. Our structured and well supported business model means you are not on your own, you will be guided and supported. 

You are here because you believe there is a market for a children's hairdressing and head lice treatment salon in your suburb... well so do we! There may well be a market need in your suburb and we want to help you succeed in making that potential market your new, innovative and successful business.

Ziggetty Snipits and Nitpro are leaps and bounds ahead of other aspiring children's hairdressing and head lice treatment salons - the proof is in the outstanding reputation and success that existing Ziggetty Snipits and Nitpro salons have within their local markets, as well as the fact that we are the first contact in media enquiries relating to head lice infestations and its treatment.

We want you to be just as successful, so we help you by resourcing and supporting you in:


  1. Building service awareness in your suburb

  2. Building brand awareness in your suburb

  3. Building a loyal customer base in your suburb

  4. Fit-out and establishment of your own salon franchise, set to our high standards and unique format, which will exceed the expectations of your customers.

Do I need to be a hairdresser or have previous experience in this industry?

Whilst it does make it easier to have that experience during your training, it is not necessary. We train and support you through every aspect of your own Ziggetty Snipits and Nitpro Head Lice Treatment Salon Franchise including: 

  • daily running

  • service training

  • administration

  • marketing 

  • HR

  • legalities

  • and so much more.

Hit the ground running in the right direction with a Ziggetty Snipits and Nitpro Head Lice Treatment Salon franchise. Contact us today for your franchise kit and see how affordable it is!

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