Ziggetty Snipits Kids Salons are your haircut entertainment destination.


We are a bright, fun and cool-for-kids environment all geared to make sure your child leaves with a great looking kids haircut and, better yet, a great big smile.

At a Ziggetty Snipits Kids Salon you can learn all about the trendiest haircuts, enjoy the most exciting girls 

Glama Birthday Pamper Parties, ride in the novelty classic pedal car seats, watch heaps of movies, climb around in the play area, or chill in the gaming room....and mums and dads can relax with the best-trained stylists around! 

On top of all this there is the exclusive 
Nitpro Head Lice Treatment Salon, discretely placed separately in store, ending your family's on-going battle with those dreaded nits! Servicing all ages with our own 100% non-toxic exclusive treatments, highly trained professional staff, lice preventative products and all 100% guaranteed!


Click on the logos below for further detail on our services, or contact us today to discuss the services:



Ziggetty Snipits are a speciality salon that offer haircuts and styling just for children.

Pamper packages


Ziggetty Snipits offer an upgrade pamper package to their haircut service, making your child feel special.

Glama party packages


Ziggetty Snipits offer glama party packages for your child, a perfect solution for a pampering party.

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