Does your child have a fear, act out or dislike getting their haircut?

Ziggetty Snipits exists as it caters not only for the whole family but predominately for children. Does your child fear, act out or dislike getting their haircut?

It is really common to have children that do not want their hair cut. We get it. They're young, they're to sit in a chair, have a hairdressing cover draped over them and they see someone approaching with scissors. Some children even have sensory disorders. They're completely out of their comfort zone.

Ziggetty Snipits understands this and the salons exist to present a fun and light experience for them. That way they will enjoy getting their haircut and want to keep coming back because they enjoy it so much.

Each of the team members are fully trained staff, love kids and have a world of patience. They'll help the child to settle and become relaxed and they'll add to the fun atmosphere. We will sing, dance, blow bubbles and will cut their hair where they are most comfortable - on the floor, mum or dad's lap, while they are sleeping. We are here to not only help the child but mum and dad as well.

Each Ziggetty Snipits salon features kid friendly murals, is decorated in a way to evoke comfort, they have play areas, DVD players, tvs and best of all - the kids have the opportunity to sit in a cool chair during the hair cut - do they prefer a sports car, pink car, airplane or fire truck?

What child doesn't want to get their haircut now?

We have parents that attend our salons for the first time and say "Little Tommy hates haircuts and screams the place down" and we assure the parent that they too can relax and we'll work with little Tommy to make him feel comfortable and ensure he enjoys the experience.

If you follow any of our facebook pages you'll see photos and testimonials from our customers about their experience and it is very positive.

This is a testimonial from Megan on Facebook who very recently attended the salon in Wollongong [ad verbatim] "Would like to say a big thank you to the young lady that was so patient and caring today with my son he doesn't like getting his haircut but she was fantastic definitely recommend Ziggetty snipits to anyone we will be back thanks again".

So, if you have a child that doesn't like haircuts and you yourself dread the thought of taking them - bring them to Ziggetty Snipits and relax. We cater for children and want to make it an enjoyable experience for them and a stress free zone for mum and dad.

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