Hairstyles for Girls

September 27, 2016

Each of the team members can create some amazing hairstyles for girls when they attend one of our Ziggetty Snipits salons.


Here is a hairstyle recently done at our Wollongong salon - incorporating braids and glitter.


Which girl doesn't like her hair being styled? They feel special, and let's face it - mothers can understand this after they've had their hair done, they walk out feeling confident with a big smile on their face.


The most common hairstyles are:


1.  Standard braid.


2. Plaits.


3. Side braids.


4. French braids.


5. Curls.


The key to really good hairstyles is to have hair that is clean. It has the most volume and is easy to work with.


We also have some accessories in the salons, which you may choose to purchase and incorporate into their hairstyle.


You may want to check out some inspiration with hairstyles that creative people out there do, just click below:


Cute girl's hairstyles in 10-15 minutes


Girl's hairstyles - inspiration


If your little girl would love to have a hairstyle done at one of our salons, feel free to bring in your inspiration and show the team.


Oh, before you go - did we mention that we don't cater just for girls? We can cut and style your little man's hair as well.




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