6 Reasons Why Your Child Needs a Kids Hair Care Specialist

Looking after your little one is a no-brainer: you want the best for them and don’t want to compromise on quality, whatever it is. That is why, when it comes to their hair, you should consider these 6 reasons why they need to see a kid’s hair care specialist.

1. Designed with children in mind

Each one of our salons on the east coast of Australia has been designed with children in mind. We provide toys and technology to keep them entertained. We even have our own range of kid-friendly hair care products for use at home.

2. Cool kid-themed chairs

When it comes to the younger tots, no doubt the likelihood of them having a melt down is high. By designing our salons to be kid-friendly, it means they can be comfortable while they’re with us, especially when it comes time to sit down in one of our themed chairs. It will help intrigue and distract them; making them look super-cool.

3. Staff

Our staff are all skilled hairdressers and have experience with children. You’ll be happy to know that when you attend one of our salons, noise is not an issue and is the “norm” and our staff are patient when it comes to cutting your child’s hair.

4. We work with your child

We work with children who have special needs and need that bit of extra attention, or coaxing, in order for them to be comfortable and at ease in our surroundings during their hair cut session. Our staff are empathetic to their needs and do their best to work with you to ensure they are well taken care of and ensure you can relax as well.

5. We do parties

We not only offer hairs (for the whole family), but also pamper parties for your child. They’ll feel like a princess whether they have a lovely hair style, their nails painted or a full-on dress-up themed party.

6. We are also Australia’s first head lice treatment salon

Together with our sister site, Nitpro, we provide successful targeted head lice removal treatments at our salons. All care is taken to ensure that you and your child will no longer suffer with these unwanted visitors who overstay their welcome. Say goodbye to those pesky, irritating head lice today!

Note: Nitpro is discrete, located at the rear of the salons and treats all family members.

To find out more about any of our services and products, contact your nearest salon today – or contact Shaakira on 0432 742 865.

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