7 Tips for a Stress-Free Haircut for a Child with Special Needs

We understand that each child is different and that the way they react to certain situations is different as well; particularly if your child has special needs. In fact, that is one of the reason's we created Ziggetty Snipits and Nitpro.

We want to make sure the atmosphere is as kid-friendly and inclusive as possible. A fun, engaging place that they want to visit and want to come back to!

Here are our 7 tips on preparing your child for their visit with us:

1. Plan Ahead

We recommend you plan ahead and make an appointment that is suitable for you and your child. You may require a booking for a time of day where it is quieter and less overwhelming. We also want to ensure we properly accommodate you and make the time to ensure your child has the dedicated time they need to absorb the new environment and feel comfortable.

2. Sensory Development

When you arrive at our salon, we can take the time to help your child acclimatise by allowing them to walk around the salon and get a "feel" for what is on display. They can:

  • check-out the cool themed chairs;

  • have a smell of our products we use;

  • turn on the electric razor for the buzzing sound; or

  • help put on the apron they'll be wearing.

3. Supporter Haircut

You can offer to get a haircut with your child while you're there. Although we promote our services as kid’s haircut specialists, we do cut mum and dad's hair as well.

4. Haircut preference

For children (boys) with sensory disorders, the sound of the electric razor can be overwhelming due to the closeness to their ears and the sound it makes. We can use scissors to cut their hair. In fact, they may feel more comfortable if you took the first snip.

5. Sensory blanket

If your child is used to using a sensory blanket or weighted toy to help ease their anxiety, we recommend you bring it to their hair appointment. We can put it on their lap, under their apron, to help make them feel more relaxed.

6. Ear plugs

As your child is getting their haircut, they can't wear over the head earphones, but you can bring ear plugs with you and they can wear them during the hair cut process; helping to drown out some of the noise.

7. Visit us without a haircut

If you have older children and they like getting their hair cut, bring your other child(ren) with you, without the intention of having their haircut, and let them see their sibling getting a hair cut and allow them to also play with the toys and electronic equipment in the salon. This will create a more relaxed atmosphere for them and will help them become confident with the environment.

Bonus Tip: Bring a spare shirt

We recommend you bring a spare shirt with you that your child can change into after their hair cut. This can help alleviate them feeling itchy after the hair cut.

Haircuts can be sensitive to any child of any age and being understanding and supportive of the child's sensitivity is important for you, your child and to us.

Is there another tip we didn't include that you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments, and we'll update the post with the best ideas (and a link crediting you).

Contact your local salon, click here for details.

We invite you to take 2 minutes and read our related article "5 Reasons Your Child Needs This"

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